Harness the power of a funnel through automation, growing your income on autopilot and generating the results you desire

Step 1

We’ll do an overall analysis of your company’s current customer lifecycle, from a contact’s first interaction all the way to sale, visually mapping out your customer’s complete journey.

Step 2

Get your marketing and sales teams aligned so they are working together and running like a well oiled machine. The power of automation makes it simple to do this.

Step 3

Segmentation will add another dimension to your marketing and sales efforts, allowing you to create custom journeys for your customers for better interaction.

The Team

Bobby Irwin

Experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Integrated Marketing, Sales, Customer Retention, Strategic Partnerships, and Mobile Marketing. Worked at Infusionsoft for over 3 years. 

Carla Miner-Luginbyhl

Infusionsoft sales and marketing expert. Having worked at Infusionsoft for almost 3 years, I was a coach and helped over 100 small businesses. I then transitioned to train other coaches on helping small businesses succeed. I pride myself on thinking outside the box in creating successful marketing processes applicable to any industry.

“Bobby's coaching wasn't based around his agenda - but mine. He also gave me so many best practices and tips that would have taken me months to discover on my own. I HIGHLY recommend him!”

-Bill Pasnau




1 hour of on the phone training

Monthly Retainer


Simplify Marketing will handle your Infusionsoft account

Custom Projects


Let us scope out a project that is unique to your needs.

Figure out your sales funnel with our help and get the leads you’ve always known that you deserve!